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Compromise. A word you hear many times while planning a wedding and throughout your marriage.


Let’s start with one of the biggest tests of Compromise: Your bachelorette or bachelor pad. The question has been asked and the answer was YES! Now it’s time to plan the wedding and look “beyond the I Do”. So who compromises by selling their bachelor/bachelorette pad? For some this is a no brainer but for others this can be a difficult discussion they wish to avoid. We highly recommend this be discussed about the same time a date and location are set for your wedding. Deciding when and where to marry and ultimately where to live as newlyweds are important decisions and doing all the research up front will save a lot of stress and frustration as the wedding day approaches.


There are a few scenarios to consider when discussing what happens ‘Beyond the I Do’:

1. Do you sell both your homes and find a new place together?
2. Should one sell their home and move into the other?
3. Should one lease their home and move into the other?


The fact of the matter is that no one but the nearly weds can chose who compromise. As real estate agents, we can help you work through the scenarios and give you facts that may lead to the best decision for you both. If you can overcome this first test of compromise, you can overcome many more throughout your lifetime!


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